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Southern Spaces
A journal about real and imagined spaces and places of the US South and their global connections

Developed for teachers, students, and researchers, educational resources gather Southern Spaces publications into several important fields of knowledge. Featuring well-crafted articles, videos, reviews, interviews, and digital projects, these continuously updated collections of open access materials offer valuable resources for creating study guides and course syllabi, and for advancing research projects. To learn more about our educational resources and how you can incorporate them into your research, teaching, and learning, see our Southern Spaces blog post.

Covering 420 counties in 13 states—according to the most expansive estimate—the geographical area defined as "Appalachia" is a problematic construct. Labeling such a broad, shifting cultural and physical geography as a single region oversimplifies its history and conceals its diversity. The multimedia articles, interviews, photo essays, and reviews featured in this educational resource pursue an understanding of Appalachia as a loosely bound, richly diverse area, with multiple perspectives, cultures, histories, and landscapes. Through a variety of topics, from literature, photography, music, and dance to Native American removal, capitalist industrialization, and corporate land-grabbing, each of these featured pieces investigates real and imagined Appalachian spaces, places, and cultures.