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Southern Spaces
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Tracing the Arctic Regions: Mapping 19th Century Photographs of Greenland

Stanford University
Published July 19, 2016


George Philip LeBourdais discusses the work of painter and photographer William Bradford who explored the Arctic in 1869 and subsequently published his account of the journey in The Arctic Regions in 1873.

During the spring semester of 2016, Emory University’s "MAP IT | Little Dots, Big Ideas" series featured lectures by humanists at different stages of their careers who are engaged in cutting-edge digital mapping projects. This lecture also appears in the "Digital Spaces" series, an ongoing collection of interdisciplinary, multimedia projects that deploy digital scholarship in the study of real and imagined geographies.


Question and Answer Session

About the Speaker

George Philip LeBourdais is a PhD candidate in the Department of Art and Art History at Stanford University. His research explores the representation of extreme landscapes—such as alpine and arctic regions—and the political forces that shape and contest them over time. To date, his published writing explores these themes within the history of photography.

Cover Image Attribution:

The header image is a screenshot from LeBourdais's presentation. Screenshot by Southern Spaces, June 22, 2016.

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