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"LITTLE SWITZERLAND, A Private Park that is Visited by a Large Number of People"

"In considering the many improvements that are going on in various parts of the city, Little Switzerland and its many attractions must not be overlooked. It is a well known fact that the health of every community depends largely upon the facilities offered for recreation and amusement. Until recent years Atlanta has had no parks, and of course our citizens could not enjoy the blessings that come through them. Now there is Grant's park, Peter's park, Ponce de Leon park, and a private park by the name of Little Switzerland. It may be said that Little Switzerland has more attraction, furnishes more amusement and is more entertaining in every way than all the others. The very best people of Atlanta visit it and the universal exclamation is, 'Oh, how beautiful! How gorgeously grand! I never knew there was such a lovely place about Atlanta.' In fact, it seems to be the universal opinion of all who visit Little Switzerland.

"During the past winter the owners of Little Switzerland have made great improvements; have in fact remodeled the grounds. They have built lakes, ten pin alleys and located amusements of various kinds. It has a large dance hall, and in addition to this they have an elegant dining room and serve the choicest luncheons. If you want to see the woods in their beauty; the flowers blooming upon the hillsides and in the valleys, if you want to inhale nature's pure oxygen, if you want to enjoy a thousand vernal pleasures, visit Little Switzerland." (Atlanta Constitution (April 27, 1890), p. 8.)
Published: 15 January 2008
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