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Southern Spaces
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Junction City Tribune. "The Exodus." May 1, 1879.

"Beneath the surface of this whole affair, however, there is a quiet practical joke. For years the north has complained that the south has been cruel to the negroes; that they have bulldozed them from the polls with shot-guns and other means. Denial or explanation does no good. The south now sends us a few boat loads of darkies, merely to give us a taste. In some places they are met with a flourish of patriotism and charity, in others with shot-guns and pitch-forks. In all cases, the dose, if taken, produces wry faces. The strongest republican [sic] journals, like the Atchison Champion, are protesting against the new comers, arguing lustily that Kansas, at least, does not want them, and, indeed, cannot support them. The conviction is growing everywhere, that if the movement continues, the north must use shot-guns in self defense."

Published: 6 September 2007
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