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Atchison Daily Globe . "The Leavenworth Lynching." January 17, 1901.

"Nothing will be done about the Leavenworth lynching. The legislature will adopt resolutions condemning it; the newspapers will refer to the action as disgraceful, and within a few weeks the entire affair will be forgotten.
This is a way Americans have.
The pulpits will ring with denunciation, and the people will be referred to as barbarous savages, and that will be all. We will show our bristles. 'We will keep ourselves right with the record,' as the politicians say, and there the matter will end for all time. 'It will not look right to eastern people if we do not condemn the lynching,' said one legislator yesterday,'but personally I approve of it.'"


Atchison Daily Globe, January 22, 1901, untitled.

"The 'joke' on Leavenworth has been carried to that point where it is proposed to put Leavenworth county into Missouri."

Published: 6 September 2007
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