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Southern Spaces
A journal about real and imagined spaces and places of the US South and their global connections

1) We are a garden walled around,

   Chosen and made peculiar ground,

   A little spot enclosed by grace

   Out of the world’s wild wilderness.


2) Like trees of myrrh and spice we stand,

   Planted by God the Father’s hand;

   And all his springs in Zion flow,

   To make the young plantation grow.


3) Awake, O heavenly wind, and come,

   Blow on this garden of perfume:

   Spirit divine, descend and breathe

   A gracious gale on plants beneath.


4) Make our best spices flow abroad

   To entertain our Saviour God;

   And faith and love and joy appear,

   And every grace be active here.


From Lloyd, Benjamin, The Primitive Hymns, Rocky Mount, North Carolina: The Primitive Hymns Corporation, 1975.

Published: 17 August 2010
© 2010 Laurie Kay Sommers and Southern Spaces