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Southern Spaces
A journal about real and imagined spaces and places of the US South and their global connections

Segregationists, Libertarians, and the Modern "School Choice" Movement

...unable to convince Congress to fund such programs directly.4 Jane Mayer, "Betsy DeVos, Trump's Big-Donor Education Secretary," New Yorker, November 23, 2016,; Emma Brown, "DeVos Promises 'the Most Ambitious...

The Battle of Atlanta: History and Remembrance

...tactical brilliance, distinguished Hood as a brigade and division commander in the Army of Northern Virginia. When promoted to army commander, his skill at independent command was found wanting. Still,...

Cruising Grounds: Seeking Sex and Claiming Place in Houston, 1960–1980

...(Part 1)," June 20, 2014,; "Houston's Earliest Gay scenes (Part 2)," Houston Press, June 23, 2014,; "'The Homosexual Playground of the South' (Part 3)," June 24, 2014,

A Well-Tied Knot: Atlanta's Mobility Crisis and the 2012 T-SPLOST Debate

...2013,; Eric Jaffe, "The End of Federal Transportation Funding as We Know It," The Atlantic Cities, March 11, 2013, accessed April 23, 2013,; "Transportation Ballot Measures," Center for...