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Southern Spaces
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Climate Change & Coral Reefs: Global Challenges from a Caribbean Perspective

University of Georgia
Published February 1, 2017


In this illustrated talk that draws upon fifty years of research in the Caribbean, James W. Porter addresses global climate change as the defining challenge of the twenty-first century. He discusses sea level rise and its effects on sovereign nations and Caribbean languages; rising temperatures and coral bleaching; and resource resilience with examples from Jamaica and Florida.

This presentation was recorded in Athens, Georgia, on January 9, 2017, in collaboration with the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program at Emory University.



About the Speaker

James W. Porter is the Meigs Distinguished Professor of Ecology at the University of Georgia and a faculty member in School of Marine Programs, Water Resources and Conservation Ecology. Porter has worked extensively on coral reef ecology, especially the biology, ecology, and assessment of Floridian and Caribbean coral reefs. His research and expertise has brought him to testify before Congress five times on environmental concerns, most recently on the effects of global warming on coral reefs.

Cover Image Attribution:

The header image is a screenshot of video footage provided by James W. Porter. Screenshot by Southern Spaces, January 25, 2016.

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