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  • Sowing The Seed Underground

    Janisse Ray, Chatham University

    23 October 2012

    In her latest book The Seed Underground: A Growing Revolution to Save Food, Janisse Ray writes about the importance of seed-saving to human health, food security and the earth's biodiversity. These two excerpts from Ray's talk at Emory University September 5, 2013 present her narrative as well as insights gleaned from seed-savers she has met across the United States. 



    About the Author

    Janisse Ray was born in Baxley, Georgia, in 1962 and graduated from the MFA program in Creative Writing at the University of Montana in 1997. She currently resides in the Altamaha Community of Reidsville, Georgia, and teaches in the low-residency creative writing program at Chatham University. She has published poetry and non-fiction books, including Ecology of a Cracker Childhood (1999). Ray lives and works on a family farm in southern Georgia.

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    Recommended Resources

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    ———. Wild Card Quilt: The Ecology of Home. Minneapolis, MN: Milkweed Editions, 2004.

    International Seed Saving Institute

    Janisse Ray

    Saving Our Seeds Project

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