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Remembering Documentary Filmmaker George Stoney

Emory University
Published July 19, 2012
Documentary filmmaker George Stoney, 1916-2012.

Documentary filmmaker George Stoney, 96, died this week. His films include The Uprising of '34 (1995), about a large and violent strike in the southern textile industry in 1934, and All My Babies (1952), about Georgia midwife Mary Coley. All My Babies was selected for the National Film Registry in 2002. Stoney was also an advocate for and creator of public-access television, a teacher at New York University, and a native of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

He was remembered in the New York Times, the Village Voice, and by Tom Rankin at the Center for Documentary Studies. Adding to these accounts, below are links to the work and voice of Stoney himself—a discussion of making The Uprising of '34 and a discussion and streaming video of All My Babies and a 2010 follow-up documentary.