An interdisciplinary journal about regions, places, and cultures of the US South and their global connections
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  • Georgia Postcard

    I. Atlanta

    The black men
    are fine
    and abundant
    at the airport.
    The women
    have spent
    many hours
    on their hair.

    II. Sixty-Five MPH

    All-u-can eat,
    boiled shrimp, fried fish.

    Highway Church of God:
    "You come in here and pray."

    Roadkill, and blackbirds
    that pick at it,

    Chain gangs, and fat scarlet clover
    in rippling flocks —

    a North Georgia spring,
    a spreading rash, blush.

    III. Kin: Sparta, Georgia

    Great-Aunt Kate
    calls it "the dry grin,"
    what white people give you
    when they want you to think
    you are safe
    when you're not.

    IIII. Green

    How you would love
    the pale green trees,
    the sheer chartreuse light,
    the swallowing kudzu,
    the mammoth dogwoods,
    the Christmas tree farm.


    Published in Antebellum Dream Book (Minneapolis: Graywolf Press, 2001).

    Published: 10 December 2009
    © 2009 Elizabeth Alexander and Southern Spaces