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  • Atlanta‚Äôs Tumultuous Fifties Fifty Years Later

    Dana White, Emory University; Robert Holmes, Clark Atlanta University; Susan McGrath, Georgia Perimeter College; Timothy Crimmins, Georgia State University

    5 August 2004
    In conjunction with the Michael C. Carlos Museum's "The Tumultuous Fifties: A View from The New York Times Photo Archives" exhibition at Emory University, Dr. Dana White moderates a panel discussion looking back at Atlanta's evolution over the past fifty years. Panelists include Dr. Robert Holmes, Director of the Southern Center for Studies in Public Policy at Clark Atlanta University; Dr. Susan McGrath, Director of the Honors Program at Georgia Perimeter College; and Dr. Timothy Crimmins, Professor of History at Georgia State University.


    Use the scroller to the right of the playlist to watch all four presentations.

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