An interdisciplinary journal about regions, places, and cultures of the US South and their global connections
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    What is Southern Spaces?
    Using ideas of place and space as organizing principles, Southern Spaces is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal that employs online technologies to produce innovative scholarship about the American South. Southern Spaces publishes articles, photo essays and images, presentations, and short videos.

    Who can contribute to Southern Spaces?
    While we are an academic, peer-reviewed journal, we publish works from independent and institutionally-affiliated scholars, photographers, artists, filmmakers, and journalists. We are committed to working with contributors of varying levels of technological proficiency. We understand that few scholars are experts in website design and do not want authors to feel overwhelmed by the process of producing image, sound, and video files for their submissions. Where necessary, we will work with authors of submissions that are selected for publication to produce image, sound, and video files for use in their publication.

    Can someone subscribe to Southern Spaces?
    Yes, and it's free! Southern Spaces offers an RSS feed that readers can add to an RSS aggregator like Google Reader. Southern Spaces also offers E-Alerts that are emailed to readers approximately twice a month.

    What is an "Open Access" publication?
    Open Access, as defined by Peter Suber, is "digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions." The primary goal of open access publications is to remove price barriers (such as subscription fees) and use restrictions on published work. (For a more complete introduction to open access, see Suber's "Open Access Overview.") Southern Spaces is an open access publication in the spirit of Suber's definition. Southern Spaces is freely available on the Internet with no charges to readers or authors. Materials are posted in perpetuity and are stored in an online repository at Emory University.

    Can someone publish images or other media published in Southern Spaces elsewhere?
    Not without first seeking permission from the copyright holder. Copyright for contributions published in Southern Spaces is retained by the authors, with publication rights granted to the journal. Print publications and other websites that wish to display images or other content published originally on Southern Spaces must seek copyright from the author(s) and provide a link from each image back to the original Southern Spaces image page.

    What is your publication schedule/cycle?
    Southern Spaces does not use an issue/number publication system. Submissions are published on a rolling basis and are identified by publication date.

    Does Southern Spaces have article-processing charges?
    No, Southern Spaces does not have article processing charges.

    How long will the electronic publications in Southern Spaces be accessible?
    All Southern Spaces publication are available on the site permanently and can be accessed via their urls at any time.

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    How can I submit an article, photo essay, presentation, short video, or featured image for publication?
    Submissions should be sent to the managing editor of Southern Spaces for consideration. Please refer to the "Editorial Staff" section of the "Editors" page for contact information. In addition, the "Submit" page provides extensive submission guidelines. Generally, submissions arrive via email or snail mail. Contact the managing editor for questions about our FTP (file transfer protocol) capabilities and files sizes for media.

    How does the peer review process work?
    See the "Peer Review Process" section of the "Submit" section.

    Can I submit a work for publication in Southern Spaces previously published in print or released on video elsewhere?
    Generally, no. We do make occasional exceptions for image and video materials.

    Can I include previously published (copyrighted) images or audio/video clips with my original submission?
    Yes, as long as the proper permissions are obtained from copyright holders.

    Does Southern Spaces handle permissions for media and excerpts from outside sources?
    No. Generally speaking, the author of the piece handles permissions for his/her own project and signs an author agreement with Southern Spaces in which he/she acknowledges responsibility for these permissions. 


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    Technical Issues

    How do I obtain a printed version of Southern Spaces publications?
    Printable versions of each piece are available. Follow the "print" link that appears in the upper right-hand corner and then following the normal procedure for printing for your Web browser. When you print out a Southern Spaces piece you will not have access to its interactive and video/audio features. While printing will display text and images, it will not allow you to "recreate" the piece in print format.

    What technologies do I need in order to play video and audio on the Southern Spaces site?
    The Southern Spaces media player supports both Flash and HTML5 for streaming video and audio. In order to play video and audio on the Southern Spaces web site use a browser that either has the latest version of Flash or supports HTML5.

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