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Southern Spaces
A journal about real and imagined spaces and places of the US South and their global connections

Call for Blog Posts, Articles, and Media: COVID in Viral Times

Southern Spaces
Published January 10, 2022

Call for Submissions

Southern Spaces invites scholars, critics, writers, health care providers, public health practitioners, activists, media producers, community organizers, and patients to submit 1,000-word blog posts, as well as longer articles and media productions, that address the public health and political implications of the COVID-19 pandemic. Queries and abstracts are also welcome.

Southern Spaces is an open access, multimedia journal publishing innovative work on regions, places, and cultures of the US South and their global connections. We welcome submissions that creatively examine real and imagined spaces and places through the use of textual, visual media, archival, and ethnographic materials—including artistic expressions. 

This series will examine relationships between pandemic public health and specific geographies in the US and global South. We encourage interdisciplinary perspectives, critical approaches to space and place, and work that foregrounds the pandemic perspectives and experiences of BIPOC and other marginalized groups.

"Remember," 2021. Collage by and courtesy of Eric Solomon.

We are especially interested in individual experiences of Covid that address larger societal questions both in the US and globally, such as:

  • How has Covid exacerbated racial, gender, ethnic, and class disparities in healthcare systems and public health infrastructure?
  • How has the politicization of Covid impeded mobilization for the crisis?
  • How and why is the Covid pandemic different from previous pandemics such as HIV, polio, the 1918 influenza pandemic, and smallpox?
  • How has Covid impacted modes of expression for artists and writers?
  • How have diverse forms of media carried, shaped, and spread political ideas and religious beliefs related to Covid? 
  • What are representative symbols and sites of this pandemic (e.g. masks, vaccines, ventilators, Zoom/virtual meetings)?
  • How have individuals experienced affective dimensions of the pandemic, including transformative expressions of grief, loss, community, and connection? 

How to Submit

Submissions, queries, and abstracts are welcome immediately and will be considered on an ongoing basis. The Covid series is part of Public Health in the US and Global South, edited by Dr. Mary Frederickson. Submit all inquiries and materials to Southern Spaces managing editor Ra'Niqua Lee at See the Southern Spaces submissions guidelines for style and formatting.

Cover Image Attribution:

Collage of photographs, (2021). Images by Kate Medley, Anna G. Norton, Kaye Savage, and Susan Patrice. Courtesy of the artists. Find Medley's work at Find Norton's work at